Why FOX News Channel Doesn’t Fear Ad Boycotts

Current system means if you pay for cable, you’re funding right-wing propaganda

Manny Otiko


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My recent attempt to delete FOX News Channel (FNC) from my cable lineup indicates some of the problems with cable TV.

After learning that FNC has a deal with the cable companies where a portion of your bill goes to them, I decided to follow the Unfoxmycablebox movement and delete the channel from my lineup.

This proved to be a frustrating task. After gearing myself up to face a labyrinthine customer service system, I finally got through to an operator and explained my problem. I told her I wanted to delete FOX News from my cable lineup. After much hemming and hawing, the Spectrum customer service rep. told me that it was simply not possible. The only way I could get rid of FOX News was to delete the package that also provided MSNBC and CNN, actual news outlets.

We went back and forth for about 10 minutes before I finally gave up. I just wasted about 30 minutes of my time on a futile task.

Is FOX News boycott proof?

The only option I have is going to streaming which allows me to choose the services I want. I currently use the Roku to stream certain services, and I may further explore this to see if I can finally customize my service to block FOX News from my home.

This indicates a further problem with cable TV. FOX News has set up a system where the network is almost boycott-proof. It doesn’t matter how many letters I write or how many products I refuse to buy; as long as I have cable TV, I’m funding FOX News and all its awfulness. The current arrangement brings in about $1.6 billion, according to The Financial Times. This is even more than ad revenue.

I’ve written several articles about FOX News’ crimes against journalism. As I’ve previously stated, FOX News is not a news outlet. The name is a lie. FNC is a right-wing propaganda outlet and an arm of the Republican Party.

FNC does not adhere to many journalistic process principles such as objectivity, honesty, or accuracy. Yet, some people like to claim MSNBC is the liberal version of FNC.



Manny Otiko

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