Wallace Returns to Real Journalism by Dumping FOX News for CNN

‘Last real journalist’ leaves network to become ‘Tucker TV’

Manny Otiko
4 min readDec 13, 2021


Chris Wallace (Kremlin/Wikipedia)

Like much of the media world, I was shocked to learn that Fox News host Chris Wallace walked away from his show on Sunday.

Wallace announced he was finishing his term on “Fox News Sunday” at the end of the program. According to news reports, Fox News Channel (FNC)tried to persuade Wallace to continue his 18-year-career at the network, but he refused.

Wallace is moving to CNN, where he will work with its upcoming streaming network. When I heard the news, I said sarcastically, “He’s returning to real journalism.” Twitter user 7Veritas4 called Wallace “the last janitor at the bulls**t factory.”

‘Patriot Purge’ spurring exits

However, on further analysis, I shouldn’t be surprised that Wallace walked away from FOX News. The network has been shedding real journalists as they become uncomfortable with its conspiracy-driven fare, such as Tucker Carlson’s abominable documentary series “Patriot Purge.” The series suggests the government is targeting right-wing activists and secretly organized the Jan. 6 Capitol attack.

“Patriot Purge” has already caused the departures of Jonah Goldberg and Stephen Hayes. And now Wallace has joined them too. (Reality-based journalist Shepard Smith quit in 2019.) I previously reported that Wallace and anchor Bret Baier both complained about “Patriot Purge.” Apparently, Wallace finally had enough and jumped away from what appears to be a burning ship.

Wallace may have given us a hint of his dissatisfaction in a Financial Times interview. “I am only responsible for and only have control over my piece of real estate. I’m proud of what we do… I feel a tremendous sense of responsibility to my audience and to the truth. Truth is non-negotiable. There’s no spin to truth. Truth is truth,” said Wallace.

No home for journalists



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