Tucker Carlson Asked ‘Thug Nasty’ About Ukraine, It Went Downhill From There

Interview with MMA fighter is proof network keeps people uninformed

Manny Otiko
4 min readMar 12, 2022


Tucker Carlson and Bryce Mitchell (YouTube screengrab)

If you ever needed proof that watching FOX News Channel makes you dumber, then I present Tucker Carlson’s recent interview with MMA fighter Bryce Mitchell as an exhibit.

Mitchell, whose nickname is “Thug Nasty,” was inexplicably interviewed about the war in Ukraine, and it went downhill from there. Mitchell launched into a diatribe involving several conspiracies about the Biden family. He also insisted that he won’t fight in Ukraine, ranted about the government wasting money. and “elites.”

The most illuminating thing he said was, “I don’t exactly know what their agenda is.”

I watched the interview and just said “why?” I could literally feel myself getting dumber by listening to Mitchell, who comes across as an uneducated redneck, rant about geopolitics that he clearly knew nothing about.

Elevating Conspiracy Theories

And why is FOX News seeking the opinions of MMA fighters about international affairs? Aren’t there enough retired generals, diplomats and professors to opine on these issues? Do we really care what people who perform chokeholds and roundhouse kicks for a living care about this issue?

However, Mitchell was put forward as an example of someone who has not been “tainted by political ideology” by Glenn Greenwald, who initially tweeted his comment.

But this is disingenuous. While Greenwald tries to portray Mitchell as a pure-minded everyman, both Greenwald and Carlson seem to act as shills for the Kremlin. As I’ve mentioned before, Carlson’s propaganda is regularly picked up by Russian state TV.

In a 2020 interview, he (Mitchell) said, “I think the coronavirus was made by the government. I think the good government made…



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