Steve Bannon Is A BS Artist, Hate Monger — Just Like Trump

Manny Otiko
4 min readOct 1, 2018
Steve Bannon ( Elekes Andor)

Former White House strategist and Trump campaign “CEO” Steve Bannon has been in the news recently. CNN host and author Fareed Zakaria came to his defense after he was uninvited from the New Yorker festival. Zakaria also accused the left of being intolerant of other ideas for their treatment of Bannon.

Zakaria, who also gave Bannon a platform on his show “GPS,” doesn’t seem to realize what Bannon really stands for. Zakaria is an Indian immigrant who is now a naturalized American. He is the American dream — a smart immigrant, who came here legally, went to an Ivy league school and found success in the media world. He’s also everything that Bannon hates, because Bannon is a white nationalist. And he proudly admits that. According to former White House staffer Omarosa Manigault-Newman’s book, Bannon said he “was a proud white man.”

In addition, he dubbed “Breitbart,” the home of the “alt-right.” Alt-right is a euphemism for white supremacist. Bannon managed to make Breitbart, which already espoused far-right views, even more hateful. Under Bannon, Breitbart became openly racist and even included a section called “Black Crime.” If you ever want to see the depths of human depravity check out the Breitbart comments section. However, I suggest you don’t do it on a full stomach. When confronted on this by the Daily Beast, Bannon said, “What do you mean white nationalists, neo-Nazis? That’s just a flat-out lie. That’s bulls**t.”

But here is a comment I pulled today from a story about Colin Kaepernick. A Breitbart commenter said, “He looks like a toilet brush…and people say he’s black…well he’s dark..but not black like buckwheat black…he’s more like abdulah goat humping black.”

By the way, Breitbart was funded by hedge fund billionaire Robert Mercer who thought that African Americans were doing great before the Civil Rights Act.

Zakaria’s defense of Bannon is curious because if Bannon had his way, Zakaria wouldn’t even be allowed in America. Bannon wants a ban on all kinds of immigration, both illegal and legal. Like Trump, he wants to Make America White Again. However a nation that wants to remain prosperous should be trying to recruit, hard-working, intelligent immigrants, especially immigrants who add their brain power to America’s…

Manny Otiko

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