Robert Palmer Destroyed His Life for Trump. Let Him Be an Example

MAGA terrrorist gets five years for following false idol

Manny Otiko


Photo by Tyler Merbler/Wikipedia

Dear Trumpists. Please remember the name, Robert Scott Palmer. Palmer was one of the army of Trump terrorists who attacked the Capitol on Jan. 6. Unfortunately, he has the unique reputation of receiving the longest sentence of all the people prosecuted.

A judge recently sentenced Palmer to five years in prison. He was punished for assaulting police officers with planks of wood and a fire extinguisher.

Palmer was so tanked up on right-wing propaganda, he thought he could fight police on TV and not suffer any repercussions.

However, U.S. District Judge Tanya S. Chutkan admonished Palmer and the so-called patriot movement during her final statement, according to The Washington Post.

Robert S. Palmer (Manny Otiko/YouTube)

“Look behind you,” said Chutkan. “Those are U.S. marshals. They ran from this courthouse. They put themselves in danger to protect the occupants of the Capitol. That’s what they’re sworn to do. They’re the patriots. The people working in the Capitol that night, they are patriots.”

Future prison reformer?

But now he’s heading to prison, his life is going to become a living hell. This is what will likely happen to Mr. Palmer. He’ll do his sentence, but during that time he will probably lose his job and relationships.

Maybe then, he’ll realize how awful life is for former prisoners. And he may face sexual assault in jail. All these problems are issues left-wing activists have talked about for years, but have been largely ignored by politicians.

He (Palmer) will also realize that while he destroyed his life, help isn’t coming. Donald Trump, the…



Manny Otiko

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