Recent Terrorist Acts Show Trump-inspired Insurrection Turning Into an Insurgency

MAGA terrorists willing to wage war to reinstall Dear Leader

Manny Otiko
4 min readJul 21, 2021


III Percenters at the Unite the Right rally. (Anthony Crider/Flickr)

I keep making the same mistake of refusing to heed Malcolm Nance’s advice. Several months ago, he warned that Trump would not go away quietly. During testimony in front of Congress, Nance, a retired counterintelligence officer, warned that Trump’s neofascist movement would morph into an insurgency.

An insurgency is an ongoing violent campaign to overthrow a government. The Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol was an insurrection, just one act, but that has now morphed into a continuing struggle to topple the United States’ government, and, I shudder as I say this, install former President Donald Trump as a dictator.

The attack on the Capitol was actually stage II of the insurgency. The first shot in was fired in October 2020 when “Boogaloo Boys” and other associated gun nuts tried to take over state capitols. In Michigan, they threatened to kidnap and execute Gov. Gretchen Whitmer live on TV. Now, that’s turned into a sustained terrorism campaign.

Domestic terrorism wave

Just look at these incidents:

  • In Sacramento, Calif., two III Percenters were recently arrested and charged with attempting to blow up the California Democratic party’s headquarters. They also planned to assassinate Democratic donor George Soros. Several III Percenters were involved in the Capitol attack.
  • Emmett Sullivan, a Black judge who oversaw the Lt. Gen (rtd.) Michael Flynn case, received a death threat on his voicemail. The chilling message threatened to put “hot lead into his skull.” Trump supporter Frank Caporusso, who sent that note, is currently in jail. If convicted on the charge of threatening a judge, he could face a 15-year sentence.
  • In rural Texas, Trump supporter Reynol P. Gray showed up at a Democratic rally and immediately started assaulting people. He is a…



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