OAN Commentator is Part of GOP’s Putin Wing

‘Reporter’ parrots Russian propaganda

Manny Otiko
4 min readMar 18, 2022


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I’ve often said Fox News Channel (FNC) is one of the worst networks in the history of television news, but it’s closely followed by One America News (OAN.) FOX News is the original right-wing propaganda network, but OAN has committed just as many media malpractices as FNC.

And like Fox News, OAN is also part of the GOP’s Putin wing. Even as Russian dictator Vladimir Putin leads a disastrous and genocidal war against his much smaller neighbor, Ukraine, there are still many Americans on his side. This includes former President Donald Trump, a long-time Putin fanboy, neo-Nazi/FOX News commentator Tucker Carlson, Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-N.C.,) media minstrel/conspiracy theorist Candace Owens and former Trump White House staffer Steve Bannon.

And Russia appreciates its American supporters.

Pushing Kremlin Propaganda

Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov praised FOX News for its stance on the Ukraine war. He recently said FNC was the only outlet “trying to present some alternative point of view.” Russian state TV also regularly plays clips of Carlson and Cawthorn’s pro-Russia statements. But FOX News is not alone in its pro-Russia stance. It’s also been joined by OAN and, predictably with OAN, its comments are much worse.

OAN commentator Pearson Sharp recently came out to support Russia. But he also went against his own country and accused President Joe Biden of staging a “false flag” attack on a hospital in Ukraine.

“The United States has a long, storied history of conducting false flag operations in pursuit of its own political agenda and whether it’s starting a war, invading another country, or finding an excuse to sneak out hundreds of tons of gold bullion from a toppled Libyan dictator,” said Sharp.



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