Marjorie Taylor Greene Could Be First Rep. (R-QAnon)

Manny Otiko
4 min readAug 12, 2020

Bigoted fabulists are at home in GOP

Majorie Taylor Greene is a QAnon follower. (YouTube screencap)

Ive been following the laughably insane QAnon conspiracy theory for a few years. And to my dismay, it’s not going away. It’s only getting bigger, more mainstream and according to The Atlantic might be morphing into a religion.

This shouldn’t be surprising because all religions begin as cults, Christianity certainly did. And is believing in hogwash about a cabal of child-murdering Satanists who control the world (QAnon) any more absurd than believing humans carry the souls of dead aliens executed by the galactic overlord Xenu? However, the FBI regards QAnon as a domestic terror threat since several adherents have committed acts of violence.

QAnon gaining political power?

But the frightening part of QAnon is its adherents are on the verge of achieving real political power. Media Matters counts more than 70 QAnon followers running for office. And one of them, Majorie Taylor Greene, has a good chance of getting elected to Congress.

Greene just defeated her Republican challenger in a runoff in a reliably red Georgia district. (In 2016, Donald Trump won 53 percent of the votes in the 14th District. ) So unless the voters of that district suddenly come to their senses and vote for Democratic candidate Kevin Van Ausdal, we’ll have another conspiracy theorist, alongside the president, in government.

It’s bad enough that Greene believes in the QAnon conspiracy theory, but she also seems to be frothing at the mouth with hatred towards Blacks, Jews and Muslims— the Republican trifecta.

Here are some of her past comments:

  • When Reps. Ilhan Omar and Rashia Talib were elected to Congress, she complained about a “Muslim invasion.” (According to Pew Research, Muslims make up 1 percent of the nation’s population.)
  • She’s referred to Blacks as “slaves to the Democratic plantation.”



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