Legal System Sending Trump Terrorists Back Home To Offend Again

Jan. 6 chief instigator still free to inspire more violence

Manny Otiko
4 min readAug 14, 2021


Photo by Tyler Merbler/Flickr

The American criminal justice system seems to be refusing to take Trump Inspired Terrorism in the United States (TITUS), a phrase coined by counterterrorism expert Malcolm Nance, seriously.

Only a fraction (500) of the estimated 10,000 people who attacked the Capitol on Jan. 6 have been arrested. And most of the ones who have been adjudicated have received slaps on the wrist. Even worse, many of the terrorists were released and given court dates. That was probably not the best way to deal with people who just tried to violently overthrow the United States government.

And we are already beginning to see the folly of those decisions. Many of the suspects are back on the streets and have already returned to committing acts of violence.

Attack the government; get sent home

Consider these recent incidents:

  • Joshua Dillon Haynes, who was already facing several charges for his actions during 1/6, was recently arrested for a domestic violence incident. Haynes was accused of trespassing during the Capitol attack, interfering with a law enforcement officer and destroying news equipment, yet a judge offered him bond. However, his latest infraction means that his bond is revoked and now he’s sitting in jail. The government argued that Haynes has a record of violence that stretched back to 2015 and was a danger to the public.
  • Richard Barnett, the Arkansas white supremacist, who put his feet on Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s desk and stole items from her office, is now temporarily free as he awaits his court case. He came to the Capitol with a stun gun and said he was willing to die for his cause, but now he walks among us!
  • Jeff Grace, who’s already facing charges for his actions during Jan. 6, was part of a group of Proud Boys who attacked people on the streets of Portland, Wash…



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