Former WH Insider: Trump Admin. Ignored Far-Right Terrorism

President downplayed violent white nationalists because they were ‘his people’

Manny Otiko
4 min readJan 29, 2021


A participant in the Unite the Right rally. (Rodney Dunning/Flickr)

I know many people would like the media to stop writing articles about President Donald Trump, but I’m afraid we can’t do that. Trump’s reign of error has left the country with a myriad of problems. Almost 500,000 dead from the coronavirus, missing vaccines and a far-right insurgency. The Jan. 6 Capitol attack was the end product of four years of growing white nationalist violence deliberately ignored by the Trump administration.

“Never before in modern U.S. history has a president condoned and abetted right-wing violence on such a scale. The conspiracy theories and grievances boosted by Trump have created the potential for enduring instability,” said retired intelligence officer Malcolm Nance in a Washington Post article. Nance recently briefed the Congressional Black Caucus on the danger of white nationalist violence.

After neo-Nazis held a torch-lit rally and chanted “Jews will not replace us,” Trump declared there were good people on both sides. Trump didn’t want to criticize them because they were his people!

Ignoring a growing threat

And the evidence is now leaking out through some damning revelations.

Miles Taylor, who wrote an entire book about the scandals within the Trump administration under the pseudonym “Anonymous,” confirmed this in an MSNBC interview.

“The person that did not want us talking about it was Donald Trump himself,” said Taylor. “The conclusions are very obvious. These people, who were intending to commit violence against their fellow Americans, in his mind, were potential supporters. That’s why after Charlottesville he said both sides had good people. That’s why we saw him ignore these warnings in the lead-up to the riot at the Capitol.”



Manny Otiko

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