Ashley Babbitt’s Mom Claims Her Terrorist Daughter Was a ‘Patriot’

Conspiracy theorists trying to rehabilitate her image

Manny Otiko
3 min readJul 25, 2022


Ashli Babbitt repeated QAnon propaganda (YouTube screengrab)

I just got through listening to an interview with Ashley Babbitt’s mom, Micki Withoeft, who recently appeared on Rudy Giuliani’s podcast, “Uncovering the Truth.” And it seems stupidity and a penchant for conspiracy theories runs in the family.

I’ve already written about Babbitt’s husband, Aaron, who also tried to reinvent her origin story while painting her as a martyr. Now her mother is on the bandwagon too.

That Rudy Giuliani, a man who attracts chaos and lies the way honey attracts flies, was involved should’ve been a warning sign. But I waded through the interview, all 16 minutes of it.

Alternative Facts

And I’m no better off. All three of the people on the podcast, Withoeft, Giuliani and co-host Maria Ryan, are major conspiracy theorists.

Withoeft is now pushing a narrative that claims Babbitt was a victim and Jan. 6 was an internal conspiracy. What is it with Republicans and conspiracy theories? As Jeremy W. Peters, author of “Insurgency” says, many GOPers are “Info Wars Republicans,” that is they believe at least four QAnon conspiracy theories. Babbitt was deep in the QAnon conspiracy cult.

During the brief interview, Withoeft claimed:

  • Speaker Nancy Pelosi was responsible for the security lapses on Jan. 6.
  • The real violence on Jan. 6 was due to the FBI, the Capitol police and, of course, antifa. (This would mean the Capitol police set themselves up to be attacked!)
  • The Jan. 6 hearings were trying to brainwash the American public.
  • Her daughter tried to prevent violence.

Withoeft sounds like a devotee of Alex Jones. But one of the biggest lies she told was claiming her daughter would have been treated better if she’d been a Black woman.



Manny Otiko

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