Anonymous WH Op Ed Writer is Complicit in Trump’s Disastrous Presidency

Donald Trump (Gage Skidmore)

By Manny Otiko

I don’t know who the anonymous White House staffer who penned a recent NY Times op ed is, but at this stage I don’t care. It’s too little, way too late.

The author accuses President Donald Trump of being mentally unstable and oblivious to the complexities of running the government. Wow, what blazing insight!

Has Anonymous been asleep for the last three years? It was clear to any person with critical thinking skills that Trump was going to be a disastrous president — and he hasn’t proved us wrong.

During one of her debates with Trump, former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton warned that we could not pick a president who could be baited with a tweet. She was right.

Now he’s president, Trump has spent much of his time in PR battles with Colin Kaepernick, NFL players and the media, instead of actually running the government. He is effectively a part-time president. He spends half the day in bed watching the news and ranting on Twitter. That leaves him about four hours to dedicate to the most difficult job in the world.

Anonymous must have got sucked into the Trump cult, like many other Americans. They bought into the Russian propaganda campaign and the media’s flawed reporting and actually believed Trump could transfer his questionable business skills into running a country of 330 million people.

I don’t believe business skills make a good politician. When you’re a CEO, the only thing you have to worry about is keeping the business profitable and making money for the shareholders. Employees can be laid off to keep the company in the black, but you can’t lay off constituents.

Michael Moore makes an eerily similar claim in his new movie “Fahrenheit 11/9,” when he compares Trump to Rick Snyder’s disastrous reign as governor of Michigan. Under Snyder, a former tech executive, the city of Flint has undergone a water contamination scandal which will affect the residents for decades. The decision to switch Flint’s water supply to a polluted local river was made by a Snyder-appointed emergency manager who decided the old system was too expensive. Now, Flint children have high lead levels, which causes a lifetime of developmental problems.

But apart from Trump’s questionable business skills, there were plenty of other warning signs that he would be a terrible president. His prodigious lying, his mob ties, the mountain of evidence linking him to a Russian spying and propaganda campaign, and his scandal-ridden personal life — take your pick!

Now all of this has come to bear, some Republicans are surprised. I think they underestimated the damage that Trump could cause. They thought they could use him to push their agenda and ram through legislation, but they underestimated the wreckage he would leave in his wake. As Jeb Bush said during the 2016 presidential campaign, “Trump is a chaos candidate.” Now he has access to the nuclear codes.

Intelligence expert Malcolm Nance, who sounded the warning about Trump two years ago in his book “The Plot to Hack America,” said he suspects that Russian President Vladimir Putin is looking at Trump’s daily CIA briefing. As this stage, we have to expect the worse.

The fact that Anonymous didn’t see this coming makes him partially complicit or at least a poor judge of character. And, like Trump, that person doesn’t need to be in the White House. You don’t get credit for raising the alarm, after the house has burned to the ground.

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