MAGA terrorists willing to wage war to reinstall Dear Leader

I keep making the same mistake of refusing to heed Malcolm Nance’s advice. Several months ago, he warned that Trump would not go away quietly. During testimony in front of Congress, Nance, a retired counterintelligence officer, warned that Trump’s neofascist movement would morph into an insurgency.

An insurgency is an…

Two right-wing pundits leave FNC because of ‘Patriot Purge’

According to several news reports, there is tension at Fox News Channel (FNC) over neofascist Tucker Carlson’s pseudo-documentary “Patriot Purge.” FNC commentator Jonah Goldberg and his business partner Stephen Hayes have stepped down over “Patriot Purge,” which they deem a bridge too far.

But it’s not just them. FNC staffers…

Republicans keep running in the face of career-ending scandals

Three stories about Republican candidates embroiled in sex scandals indicate the brazen nature of today’s GOP. Up until recently, these candidates were running for political office even though they’ve been involved in sex scandals that would’ve killed the careers of Democratic candidates.

But not in today’s GOP. Today’s Republicans are…

Views from right-wing think tank are increasingly unhinged

I’ve always thought of the Claremont Institute as your average right-wing think tank. You know the type of place that talks about the values of capitalism and democracy and claims gun ownership is a God-given right. But over the last few years, it’s taken a turn to the extreme right…

Party loyalty is everything in the GOP

I’ve always said that hard-core Republicans would vote for Satan over a Democrat; the Trump years proved me correct. But recent events show that attitude hasn’t changed.

Former New Jersey governor and Trump consigliere Chris Christie have recently been promoting his new book “Republican Rescue.” His mission is twofold. He’s…

Current system means if you pay for cable, you’re funding right-wing propaganda

My recent attempt to delete FOX News Channel (FNC) from my cable lineup indicates some of the problems with cable TV.

After learning that FNC has a deal with the cable companies where a portion of your bill goes to them, I decided to follow the Unfoxmycablebox movement and delete…

Manny Otiko

Manny Otiko writes about race, politics and sports. He has been published in Salon and LA Weekly. Follow him on Twitter @mannyotiko.

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