FOX News has convinced viewers coronavirus pandemic is fake

First lady Dr. Jill Biden comforts a patient about to receive the coronavirus vaccine. (The White House/Flickr)

How many times is this going to happen? Every day I read at least two stories about Americans who are hospitalized or killed from the coronavirus because “they thought it was fake.” The latest is conservative talk show host Phil Valentine, who’s currently in serious condition because of a bout with Covid-19.

“Phil would like for his listeners to know that while he has never been an ‘anti-vaxer’ he regrets not being more vehemently ‘Pro-Vaccine’ and looks forward to being able to more vigorously advocate that position as soon as he is back on the air, which we all hope…

MAGA terrorists willing to wage war to reinstall Dear Leader

III Percenters at the Unite the Right rally. (Anthony Crider/Flickr)

I keep making the same mistake of refusing to heed Malcolm Nance’s advice. Several months ago, he warned that Trump would not go away quietly. During testimony in front of Congress, Nance, a retired counterintelligence officer, warned that Trump’s neofascist movement would morph into an insurgency.

An insurgency is an ongoing violent campaign to overthrow a government. The Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol was an insurrection, just one act, but that has now morphed into a continuing struggle to topple the United States’ government, and, I shudder as I say this, install former President Donald Trump as a dictator.

American right-wingers are big fanboys of Russian autocrat

Tucker Carlson (Gage Skidmore/Wikipedia)

It’s difficult to keep up with FOX News commentator Tucker Carlson’s rapid descent to the bottom. So far, he’s been proved to be a liar for falsely accusing the NSA of monitoring his emails, continued to try and kill his viewers by spreading anti-vaccine disinformation and recently, he was cursed out in public by an angry shopper. But it’s only Monday, so there’s plenty of time for more screw-ups.

But let’s go back to that thing about the NSA. Carlson was trying to secure an interview with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. However, Putin runs a thugocracy. …

Adult film actress surprised to learn Candace Owens really is a terrible person

Brandi Love (Facebook)

A conservative porn star might sound like the world’s biggest oxymoron, but one exists. Her name is Brandi Love, and a few weeks ago, she found out the true nature of conservative politics. Love, who brands herself as the “Maga porn star” whatever the hell that means, attended Talking Point USA’s Student Action Summit in Tampa, Florida. She was surprised when she was ostracized, chased out of the conference, and generally treated like a leper.

“Love, 48, had attended a number of panels during Turning Point USA’s Student Action Summit in Tampa, Florida when she discovered that her VIP badge…

Clueless president ran chaotic campaign, WH

Brad Parscale, Trump 2020 campaign manager (Web Summit/Flickr)

Donald Trump’s 2016 and 2020 campaigns were marked by rank amateurism. Many of the top campaign staffers had little or no experience. This is talked about in Michael C. Bender’s “Frankly, We Did Win This Election.” Case in point, the only experience Jared Kushner had was as a Democratic donor. Yet, he functioned as the shadow chief of staff.

Hope Hicks, Trump campaign communications director, had never worked in politics before. And Brad Parscale, who ran the Trump 2020 campaign for a while, had never headed up a presidential operation! How are you going…

Capitol insurrectionists are on the wrong side of history

Photo by Brett Davis (Flickr)

Some news stories are so stupid they make your brain ache. I read one last week when I heard about a group of deluded Trump supporters who were campaigning for Jan. 6 attackers to be released from jail. In their eyes, these terrorists were “political prisoners.”

“Pro-Trump supporters have organised a rally in Florida this weekend at the state’s Capitol building, calling for the release of ‘political prisoners’ who have been arrested in connection with the 6 January Capitol riots,” said The Independent. …

‘Katie Johnson's accusations are believable

Ex=President Donald Trump (Palácio do Planalto/Flickr)

I find it amazing that a central part of the insane QAnon conspiracy theory is the idea that President Donald Trump will unmask a secret cabal of elites who rape children and drink their blood. Hillary Clinton, who is also a member of the secret cabal along with Oprah and Tom Hanks, is alleged by QAnon lunatics to have cut the face off a child and wore it. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of insanity.

The QAnon conspiracy theory is ridiculous and unbelievable. However, what surprises me the most is that although the cultists are obsessed with…

Colorado legislator urges Americans to reject government benefits, vaccines

Rep. Lauren Boebert (Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) is always a cluster f**k of clods. It’s three days of right-wingers who are divorced from reality. The annual event attracts conspiracy theorists, white supremacists, gun nuts, religious fundamentalists and science deniers. So it’s pretty much like every day for a Republican! Salon writer Chauncey DeVega described it as the “monster’s ball.”

This year’s event held in Dallas, Texas, last week was pretty much the same. Although you never know if right-wingers are pretending to be stupid, what I call performative stupidity, to identify with their low-information voters.

A perfect example of someone who…

OG Compass: Money takes you farther than talent

OG Compass (Facebook)

OG compass, a Canadian-based rapper, is currently promoting his new EP titled “Reign.” The EP, which was released last year, also features the track “Don’t Wake Me Up.”

“The track is one of his most upbeat and uplifting songs to date — the guitar echoes as percussive production ramps up along with OG’s expansive and engaging sing-rapping. The artist is not afraid to be different; his positive mindset and potent sense of melody make him a standout,” said Complex magazine.

OG Compass has been in the hip-hop world for about five years and has already had many exciting experiences. However…

2004 settlement only buried the scandal that exploded twelve years later

Bill O’Reilly (The World Affairs Council/Flickr)

I’ve often written about the FOX News Channel sex scandals. But I mistakenly called the Big One in 2016, the one that kicked it off. I was wrong. The first sex scandal was the one involving Bill O’Reilly and producer Andrea Mackris in 2004.

He got to keep his job; she got a $9 million settlement and had to sign an NDA agreement. FNC finally canned O’Reilly when he was revealed to be still sexually harassing women in 2016. That was when the more prominent Fox News Sex Scandal involving accusations by former anchor Gretchen Carlson exploded. FNC Sex Scandal…

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